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Options University - Options 101 Course Review

"If you're a new or struggling options trader looking for the truth about Options Trading, please keep reading - your dwindling bank account will thank you!"

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Product: Options 101
Last Updated: December 9th, 2006
Product Type: Options Trading

Fellow Options Traders,

Don't you get tired of all the hype? So many people sell or recommend so many "amazing" products, all promising to make us rich, that we can't tell the treasure from the trash!

What about Options 101 from Options University?

Judge for yourself... here's what the author claims his product reveals:

"Option Trading Strategies For Safer Investing and Explosive Profits..."

Doesn't that sound a little too good to be true?

Options 101

Well, don't get me wrong. Options University really does deliver on their promises. The eye-opening strategies that revealed are truly remarkable. When I first began learning about options, I spend thousands on materials and a seminar that covered similar material. The Options 101 Course is a solid introduction to option trading and is well suited for the beginning option trading student. It represents a good value for you to nail down the basics.

Options 101 Course is one of the few most comprehensive and in-depth home study course on the market today for any Options Trader. It's goal is to teach you how to quickly and easily minimize your risks while multiplying your profits, whether the market is moving up, down, or is stagnant.

This exciting course was created by three top notch options traders. The head trainer of this course is Ron Ianieri, a well-respected mentor to some awesome traders on Wall Street and has taught some of the most refreshing new minds within the options trading industry.

In a market where only 5% actually make a profit from options trading, they conclusively demostrate how you can achive consistent success with your investment.

So, what does the course contain? Well, quite frankly there is far too much to mention here but the following are the basics:

  • Safer investing through portfolio protection,

  • Practical personal portfolio management,

  • Step-by-step options trading basics as well as more advanced strategies - including "inside secrets of the pros and professional floor traders",

  • How to maximize leverage and returns (not just generally but both in terms of percentages and dollars), as well as minimize your risks,

  • Simple, intermediate and, advanced strategies proven by professionals,

  • How to be fluent in basic to advanced options terms and definitions,

  • Option strategies in easy-to-read-and-understand terms.

There are also a bunch of bonus reports that cover more crucial information.

With 29 power-packed CD/DVD step-by-step video tutorials, you just pop it into your computer, sit back and watch. In fact, learn today, and you can be making cruise-controlled, risk-reduced options trades as early as tomorrow! There are so many examples, tips, tricks, insights, rules and secrets that your head will be buzzing with new ideas and anticipation of making your first options trades.

For a restricted time, you will also get your hands on the exact proprietary 'scanning software' they programmed and built for themselves - now expressly customized for students. It's the same software they use daily to gain a massive competitive edge, make head-spinning trades, and conquer the options market with greater ease, safety and confidence!

Overall, this will be the comprehensive options trading package that you will find. This home study course is like an entire "encyclopedia" of options trading wisdom.

Now, is this course for you? Well, I'll be honest, it's not for everyone. The people who will get the most out of this (and already are) are the ones who are serious about making an monthly income through trading options.

Over time, as you progress through the training and begin to understand the options strategies behind the trading, you may find that you are naturally drawn to a handful of trading strategies that work well for you.

So, I highly recommend Options University – as long as you make the most out of it.


Stock-Trading-Advice.com Rating = 5/5 Highly Recommended!

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