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Last Updated: January 29th, 2007
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The Master Trader - Touted as the “ultimate stock trading guide,” this e-book will carefully lead you through the whole process of stock trading every step of the way. With its clear illustrations and examples, it is designed for quickly learning all the need-to-know about day-trading the volatile stock market.

The author, Jens Clever, reveals some amazing secrets of stock trading accumulated from years of practicing as a full-time stock trader and a respected trading coach from DayTradingCoach.com.

The book begins with a brief introduction on the benefits of trading for a living, and Jens Clever’s “keep it simple” philosophy. It then discusses an overview of stock markets, and trading styles.

Next comes some background technical analysis; The Master Trader goes over candlestick and bar charts, trends, moving averages, and volume. This prepares the reader to be familiar with these terms when they reach the next section, which deals with Day Trading Strategies.

Jens covers several such strategies here, some are candlestick pattern based, and there are also some indicator signalled trade setups. The book then finishes with a section on trade management, and some discussion on the right mindset.

Some important basic tips you can get:

  • Determining the continuation pattern of a stock chart - making it so much easier to sell.
  • The powerful advantages of understanding the liquidity of a stock before you buy.
  • Critical information about NASDAQ. The best ways to learn about NASDAQ Order Routing System to ensure that you are placing your order correctly.
  • Predicting whether a stock is going up or down by learning the strategies of how to use stock chart to determine the stock's next positioning.
  • A blueprint of how to start swing trading for you to make money each day by buying and selling the correct stock.
  • Knowing exactly which stock broker you should choose.

Also, the book can help you design a trading system in just a few short hours for your own particular need and market. What’s more Jens Clever guarantees that if you buy this book, you will get 85% winning trades within two weeks or your money back.

Now, is The Master Trader for you? Well, it's not for everyone. For someone who already has in-depth trading knowledge and is looking for a comprehensive guide to using technical analysis for day trade stocks, you have to spare a few dollars more for other books that detail more on day trading. But Jens Clever’s book is still full of valuable information on the practices of successful trading and also on how and why markets work. You will learn some insightful tips that you won’t find anywhere else. The people who will definitely get the most out of this are beginners who are serious about making a substantial monthly income through day trading.

Beside the main course - MasterTrader, you also get FREE Email Hotline directly from Jens. I find this extremely helpful as the author is here to explain to you in case you need any further clarification on the strategies. This is like having a one-on-one consultation without paying a helfty fee!

You will also get... eleven more FREE bonuses to help you become a better trader!

 Title Size 
 MasterTrader  96 pages
 Day Trading Mind  17 pages
 The 123 System  24 pages
 The E-Book Of Technical Market Indicators  49 pages
 Introduction To Forex Trading  10 pages
 A Practical Guide to Swing Trading  74 pages
 The Pocketbook Of Economic Indicators  39 pages
 How To Trade The Futures Market  87 pages
 Market Master (part of the Futures course above)  Trading Simulator
 The Ultimate Trading Systems  56 pages
 The the Truth about Fibonacci trading  22 pages
 Mental Fitness For Traders  35 pages
 The Penny Stock Trading System  214 pages

Overall, The Master Trader aims to cut down the learning curve in understanding the stock market. It will quickly improve your knowledge of day trading the market in which otherwise it would take years of trial and costly error without the book.

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Stock-Trading-Advice.com Rating = 5/5 Recommended!

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"I have been trading for many years, read many books and subscribed to many who claim that I can increase my return by 100% - none worked. The MasterTrader book that I have bought from you is worth a million dollars which I lost before I bought the master trader. No other book or newsletter teaches what the Master Trader teaches. I am sure that with the knowledge I gained from the MasterTrader I will be able to beat Wall Street. I call your book the green book..." - U. Liberati Sr.

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