Is Stock Picker RT another over-hyped, rip-off stock trader software... like all the others?

WARNING: Read this before you waste your time and money!

The Truth About Stock Picker RT

"Discover The Easiest & Fastest Way To Pick Winning Stocks Every Trading Day! Hype or Fact? All Revealed In This Tear It Apart Review"

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Fellow stock trader,

Let's get something dead straight before we start.

Technology is amazing. What you can do now, with the right technology quickens the pace by which you can analyze the profitability and volatility of a stock. Boy I wish this was around when I first started out. It would have saved me tons of time.

Like most traders, you probably spend a great deal of time researching stocks for a short-term trade.

The endless calculations and comparisons I had to make were daunting. I’d be up all night, sacrificing my time with family, to ensure my trading was profitable.

Now, with amazing technology like this, with one mouse click and bam! I can instantly tell if the stock is even worth my time.

How great would it feel to almost instantly determine whether a stock is under or over priced? You’d be able to walk into any opportunity with assurance that you won’t be making a bad judgment.

That alone is worth many nights restful sleep and putting a cease and desist order on the graying of your hair.

Now, you can do this with Stock Picker RT.Stock Picker RT

Stock Picker RT was developed by Investing Network Inc in 2005 and it's quickily become their Best-Selling Stock Picking Software in 2006. Its advantage among other programs is that it can easily determine which stocks must be picked at any given day for possible rewards.

The Stock Picker RT software provides a short list of stock picks every trading day. The picks are based on companies that have consistently proven to be financially sound and are getting positive price actions as a result of a news item favorably depicting the companies.

The Stock Picker RT is a lightweight Windows based application. The latest version is self-updating so users will never have to manually upgrade and all market data is included in the price.

The Stock Picker RT software will analyze thousands of stocks, with one mouse-click. The software runs automatically in the background so you can work on other tasks or simply relax with a cup of coffee while watching fundamentally solid stocks pop onto the screen. It is completely automatic.

For such a new generation of software for finding stocks and understanding it, Stock Picker RT is already making waves in the market especially to those who are into short-term trade.

This software is a “must-have” for those who want to know:

  • How to start in on trading
  • How much to invest
  • When to sell
  • How to get familiarize with the market
  • How to avoid  losing

This software also has an easy-to-use program that will help you consistently compound your portfolio value.

Heavily packed with features such as specific screening criteria that will guide you choose potential winners, it will do the work for you by just simply marking your indicators and in no time, you will earn your profit. 

But the best that this software could offer is that you will recognize stocks that will earn consistently by producing profit as a short-term trader.  Now, who wouldn’t want that?

With so many trends taking hold of the trade industry, it’s no surprise that anyone could easily get a headache by merely choosing which software to buy that could give him a proven productive way to select stocks with almost 100% accuracy. Everyone right now is joining the bandwagon, but the question remains: Which one will give you more value for your money?

I can enumerate several reasons why any trader would prefer this software over other software that’s out in the market:

  • It has the most competent way to select stocks for a short-term trade
  • It’s so easy to navigate with a very user friendly interface
  • It simplifies a lot of complicated concept of trading and understanding market formations
  • It’s highly visual you would want to use it over and over

A few years ago, the results Stock Picker Rt can deliver would have been impossible to obtain in just one sitting. Now, all you have to do is make a decision for some split seconds to be sure that you can have your share of gains.

That scanning the market for strong stocks is as easy as Point and Click. Just Look at what this users have to say...



"What can I say! This is the Best scanning software I have found in my nine years of trading!

In one easy click I get 4 to 15 picks every day.

This must save me 20 to 30 hours of research every week.

Who could ask for more? I made more than 12 times the cost of the software in less than one day.
On just 1 trade!

I cannot recommend this software strongly enough.

As I explained to you on the phone I have been involved in technology for over 30 years and this program is the most accurate and simple to use that I have ever found.

Forget all the newsletters and subscriptions, Just get a StockPickerRT and take the guess work and long hours out of your trading research."

- From Thomas J. Cashman Jr.

Conclusion - But Not The Final Word

Stock Picker RT

We recommend Stock Picker RT because they have long list of happy users and many keep reporting good results by using this screening software. Furthermore, it is the most simple-to-use stock picking software we have ever seen anywhere, and also you will have total control over your trades.

The formula for success in the stock market is simple, start with great stocks, trade with the wind at your back and always use a properly set stop loss order.

Please accept my personal invitation to try out this software. Take the guess work and long hours out of your trading research!

So What's The Negatives? What's Missing From The Software?

Don't get me wrong. Investing Network really does deliver on their promises. The eye-opening anaytical tool is really remarkable.

But there's not enough. In my opnion, there is one elements missing from Stock Picker RT...

How to Become a Better Stock Trader

Well, I'm going to do my best to make Stock Picker RT profitable for everyone...

If you buy Stock Picker RT from the link below, I will give you the following ebooks, absolutely free.

Bonus 1: The Mental Fitness for Traders


This fresh look at the mind of a trader exposes a critical component of trading that is usually overlooked. After reading this 35 page report, you'll be convinced that YOU are the main obstacle getting in the way of your trading success. Filled with practical advice and humorous anecdotes, Mental Fitness For Traders is a must-read for serious traders at all experience levels.

Bonus 2: Day Trading Mind


If you've been trading for more than five minutes, you probably clued into the fact that a large part of success or failure as a trader is psychological. This fabulous e-book gives you a greater understanding into what your mindset should be when trading.

Bonus 3: The Way To Trade Mini-Course

Improve your trading beyond recognition in a flash. Step behind the curtain and see exactly how quick and easy it really is.


EXTRA BONUS: Secrets of Penny Stocks Revealed!


 Penny stocks Secrets

Investing in penny stocks is risky just like any stock market investment. But due to the small startup investment, and enormous earning potential if you hit the big time...

...penny stocks are a great way to start investing. And even more so when you discover...

How To Minimize the Luck Factor

Anyone who is getting ready to invest should do their homework. Not only on how the stock market works (and penny stocks in particular). But also how to spot a stock that holds promise.

Because the more information you have, the less luck will be a factor. And the more sound (or rewarding) your investment will be.

In this 50+ ebook, you will discover how to...

  • Buy more shares for less money.
  • Minimize risk when selecting stocks.
  • Maximize your profit potential with clever techniques you can ONLY pull off with Penny Stocks.



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