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"Discover This Incredible Mental & Emotional Training For Traders In Ten Easy Lessons...."

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Fellow Traders,

Having a hard time handling losses?

Do you doubt your trading system after a few losing trades?

Because of current market uncertaincies in the Stock Market, FOREX, and many of the Commodities Markets...

THIS IS THE TIME WHEN FORTUNES ARE MADE if you can follow your trading plan, and, of course, big problems if you cannot.

There has never been a greater need for you to employ DISCIPLINE in your trading.

Volatile, unsure markets can make fools of many traders, and it's the trader with discipline to follow his/her trading plan that will reap the rewards.

There is only one trader's tool I know that will insure that you maintain your trading discipline and that's TradingMind Software.

Trading Mind Software

90% of our mind's power is housed in the subconscious mind and is responsible for our behaviors, habits, and performance. That 90% can work for you or against you. TradingMind Software will make sure that the 90% is working for you!

The man behind this incredible TradingMind Software is Internationally acclaimed Trading Expert Jake Bernstein. Jake is one of the world's leading educators in the field of stocks and commodities. He is the author of the first authoritative book on trading psychology, The Investor's Quotient, still the standard reference.

Jake Bernstein’s TradingMind Software Exercises are designed for traders who seek to improve their consistency, self-discipline, follow through and ability to follow a trading plan. TradingMind Software is a unique program focused on shaping mental skills that all traders need in their quest for market success.

TradingMind Software’s concise 8-minute mental training sessions are easy and enjoyable to use. All you have to do is pop the CD into your drive and let the software do the rest. The only click you’ll have to make is choosing the mental training session you’d like to run. Then sit back and relax. Look, listen and follow the training. That’s it!

If you commit yourself to sitting for an 8-minute mental training session, just a few times a week, you will notice yourself getting more disciplined, more focused and more able to follow your trading plan, without fear and without hesitation.

Here are the mental training sessions included with Jake Bernstein's TradingMind Software.

  1. "Trading to Win" Mindset
  2. Strength to Take Your Losses
  3. Maintain Discipline
  4. Handling Fears and Emotions
  5. Maintain Focus
  6. Visualize Success
  7. Coping With Losses
  8. Reversing Bad Habits
  9. Controlling Over-Confidence
  10. Living in the Success Zone

TradingMind Software has been keeping trader's heads on straight for 5 years and if you don't already own it, I strongly suggest you get it...

How many "trades of the year" have you let gone by, all the time knowing you saw it, but didn't act on it.  You know, that one trade that could have been your windfall.

You just didn't have the discipline. You were a little scared or maybe just a little unsure... enough to have you pass (and just watch) on the big trade.

The time is now to be a disciplined trader.


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TradingMind Software