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Cash is Your Best Asset with Penny Stocks

When you start your Penny stocks trading career you first need to decide how much you are willing to invest. You must remember that this is not a "sure-fire" income opportunity and that it is possible that you may lose everything, so be sure to not to invest more than you can afford to lose.

That said when you have decided on an amount, whether it is  $100 or $10,000 you should avoid the temptation to put all of it into one or more Penny stocks. But why? Surely the whole point of putting the money into your stock broking account in the first place is to invest it.

Well yes and no really, if you have all of your funds invested at the same time then you lose a lot in flexibility. You have few options when faced with the need to respond to a rapidly rising market. Or to profit form a newly acquired piece of information that one or more penny stocks are about to move upwards.

If you have invested all of you cash and your present portfolio is flat, the only way to buy into rising penny stocks market and get a piece of the action is to either. Use “your own money”, i.e. money that is not part of your penny stocks investment fund (and is not money that you can afford to lose) a very bad idea. Or to get on the phone to your broker and see if can sell some of your existing shares so that you can buy into the rising penny stocks.

The first is obviously a not good thing to do and is more akin to gambling than investment. After all if you couldn’t make a profit with the first group of penny stocks, why do think you could with the second. A more likely scenario is that you are throwing good money after bad, except that this time it is not money that you can afford to lose.

The second, though more sensible than the first, is not really what trading penny stocks is all about. The whole point is to be able to buy quickly if you think that a stock is about to rise. And to sell quickly when the market seems to have to have peaked for your penny stocks, so that you can maximize your profit and sell before the market starts to fall.

If you keep a portion of your assets as liquid in your stock broking account, then you have the flexibility to move quickly as the market conditions dictate. A penny stocks trader without the ability to move quickly is likely to be missing out on many lucrative trades. Keeping around a third of your investment fund as cash allows you to buy into a rising market without having to rush into selling any penny stocks that may be under performing.

That way you get to benefit from the rising penny stocks but can also hold onto the flat ones until they start to rise or you have decided that you need to cut your loses and get rid of them. Either way the point is that you are not rushed into a decision and can decide based on research and rationality, rather than a need for quick cash to fund your next investment.

The ability to move quickly in response to rapidly rising penny stocks can greatly affect your potential for profits in this most volatile of the financial markets. Keeping a portion of your penny stocks fund liquid will help you to achieve profitability and make the success of your venture into the world of penny stocks trading more likely to be a profitable one.

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