Everything you need to know about stock trading online.

Online Stock Trading Guide

How to Avoid the Cons and Make the Most of the Pros to Stock Trading Online

As with most things, most of the cons of stock trading online can be minimised, while most of the pros can be maximised, if you exercise careful planning.  To do, this you need to ensure:

1. You read the terms of service of the online broker carefully.

2. You need to do a comparison between brokers to see what services they are offering and whether or not they will be useful to you.

3. If you think you are going to need to the services of an investment advisor, regarding the best way forward for both your investment strategy or your stock portfolio, make sure you either see an independent investment advisor (who can help you out with this – for a fee), or you open an account with a brokerage firm that offers this service.

4. To avoid any complications with learning how the online stock broking software program works, sign up for an online training course to learn all about the basic jargon used in stock trading, how to read a stock chart, what technical indicators mean.  Because you may not understand the system, doesn’t mean you cannot learn!

5. If you think you may have problems with your technology at a crucial moment, for example if your ISP service is sporadically down, then make sure your brokerage company accepts telephone instructions to buy and sell stock.

6. Once you have spoken with your investment advisor about what goals you want to achieve with your online investment program, be disciplined and stick to your investment plan.  Do not hesitate to use your exit strategy as previously set out.

7. Check that the services being offered by your online broker include real time stock market prices.

8. Make sure that you are only dealing with the online broker and that the online broker will not be using the services of a third party service provider.

9. If you think you are going to need to trade on multiple stock exchanges, make sure the online broker you sign-up with has the capabilities to accommodate your needs and exercise these different stock exchange stock order instructions.

10. Finally, never investment more in the stock market than you can really afford.  Always remember that your investment is subject to the risk that it may go down as well as up.  However, this still holds true whether you are using the services of a real life broker or an internet stock broker.

… And finally

Without a shadow of doubt, the creation of the Internet, and with it online trading, has afforded people the opportunity to trade stocks where previously no such chance existed.  Moreover, in exchange for this opportunity, investors are not charged overly high rates of commission. 

Nevertheless, to ensure that the risk factor with Internet stock trading is kept to its absolute minimum, all educated investors will need to make sure that they stay well informed of what is going on in the market and will need to learn all about the different investment strategies – both in their preliminary form and also as they evolve.

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